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Tales of a Lowly Commoner – Tale II

– The Case of the Lost Ball –

One fine day I was walking through a pretty little town, located near a village which I called home. I was here, in town, running a little errand, you see. Well, I was, anyway, since by this time I had already finished. I may be just a commoner, but I am no sluggish turtle, you know!

Anyway, from the bit of money I had received, I stashed some away for my humble savings. However, I was in a bit of a mood for something sweet, so I took out a few coins and started searching for the nearest candy stand. I admit, a bit of a sweet tooth I’ve always had, even when I was just a miniature of a man sucking on a bottle. That, my friend, is something I never grew out of.

As I made my way through the city streets, I finally found what I sought: a colorful stand in the nearby street corner. I noticed it sold not only candy, but also inflatable balls and balloons for the lads. I started walking towards the stand, and then it happened.

I came upon a young child. Why, looking back on it now, the lad couldn’t have been more than five years old! Nothing too strange about seeing a child, is there, you ask. Oh, but my friend, this was different. Not only was the lad alone, but he was crying, right next to the candy stand!

I quickly made my way to the young boy.

“Heaven’s sake, boy!” I told him when I had reached him, “What I wouldn’t give to be as young as you again! To have everything in life be new and exciting! To be able to play all day with no worries! To have no tiring responsibilities! With all these pros, what cons could you possibly be mulling over to be shedding those tears?”

The lad looked up at me with tear-filled red eyes.

“I lost my ball.”

Well, that simple remark explained it all. I looked at my to-be candy and decided it could wait. I crouched down next to the boy.

“Find that ball, that we will. If this commoner can find a use for his presence he is sure to exploit it! Come, lad. I shall help you.”

I took him by the hand and we began our search. We visited several places he said he had been before. Having checked all the areas where the misfortune of loss might had taken place, and after none rendered the ball that was our target, we walked through the streets, rather defeated. The boy looked sad, and seeing that face bore a hole through my heart.

“It seems that I could not help you after all. I ask for your deepest apologies.”

We found ourselves back at the stand where we first met. I looked up at it and then an idea came to me. I retrieved the money I had separated earlier.

“Ah, maybe I still can!”

I approached the vendor, who greeted me warmly.

“Welcome, sir. And what can I get you today?”

I looked him straight in the eye, put on my humblest of smiles and pointed to a splendid toy ball suspended over his head.

“If I may,” I said.

The vendor grabbed it and handed it over, stating the price, which I luckily found myself to possess. After the exchange I crouched down next to the young lad at my side.

“Here you are.”

I handed him the ball, and to my heart’s content his face lit up the moment his hands came in contact with it. He thanked me, but I simply waved my hand.

“Please, no thanks necessary. Just to know that I am not useless makes this lowly commoner happy.”

I stood up, patting the boy on the head.

“Well, I have a home I must be getting back to. I must bid you farewell.”

After a wave I turned and was on my way back home. Yes, like I said before, the candy could wait. Another day, surely I’d get my fill! Besides, mother always said those things made you fat, that she did.


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